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Over the past few years, more people are driving 4x4 vehicles on a daily basis in normal driving situations in 2 wheel drive mode and maybe only ever put their vehicle into 4x4 mode for a couple of weeks of the year.
How many times have you put your vehicle into its 4x4 mode and felt uncomfortable driving it, or maybe not been able to do what you thought you could do and been disappointed that the vehicle hasn't performed how you expected it to.
Is that down to the vehicle or have we not had the training to get the best out of it? Both the vehicle and driver will have limitations in these tricky and dangerous driving situations and we need to recognise these and drive accordingly to the conditions and hazards around us.
This is where Radyr Driving Training can help you. We regulary carry out training for National Utility Companies so they are able to keep our essential services maintained during the winter months. 
We will cover
  • Correct and safe selecting of 4x4 mode.  
  • The vehicle's handling characteristics in 4x4 mode.
  • Correct cornering and sharpe turning in 4x4 mode.
  • Emergency braking in 4x4 mode. 
  • Difference in parking in 4x4 mode.
  • How to correctly disengage 4x4 mode.


Please note this is normal on road 4x4 training. This course is not designed for people who require off road driving experience. All training will be carried out in your vehicle. 



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