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Depending on your local council, anyone wishing to become a taxi driver may have to complete and pass a practical taxi driving test. The test is a higher standard than the learner driving test. 
The test will last approximately 40 minutes, taking on all types of roads and some of the tasks you are asked to complete will be specific to taxi drivers. You will also be asked questions from the Highway Code, so it is important your knowledge is upto date.
Eyesight Test.
At the start of your test you be asked to read a vehicle registration number plate from 20 metres (20.5 metres if old style plate). You are able to wear glasses or contact lenses
Practical Assessment.

During the test you will be examined on

  • Your general driving skills, including awarness and anticipation.
  • A manoeuvre to turn your vehicle around.
  • You'll be asked to stop at the side of the road several times as if a passenger is getting in or out. 
  • Passenger safety and comfort.
  • You'll be asked to drive for approximatley 10 minutes by verbal instruction or to road signs.
  • Specific Taxi questions and Highway Code questions, along with identifying traffic signs and markings.

You may also be asked to do an emergency stop.

To pass the test, You are only allowed to make less than 10 minor faults. If you a make a serious or dangerous mistake, you will fail the test. 

As this is a more targeted test you may benefit with the further training to help you pass the test. After all, would you be confident you would pass you driving test tomorrow if you had to retake it?  

For more information you can obtain a private hire/hackney carriage assessment booklet available from your local council.



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